“ Innovative Strategies in Hotel Administration ”

The International Conference on Hotel Administration 2018 (ICOHA 2018) invites researchers, academicians, hoteliers, hotel administration associations and societies, investors including hotel industry experts, members of professional bodies and government officials, as well as sponsors and exhibitors, to send their abstracts for the conference on theme of “Innovative Strategies in Hotel Administration” to be held from 13th and 14th September 2018 in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

This conference provides a wonderful opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge about the newest innovative strategies in Hotel Administration. Moreover the conference offers a valuable platform to create new contacts in the field of Hotel Administration, by providing valuable networking time for you to meet great personnel in the field.

 Hotel Management Conference

Hotel Administration conference

The International Conference on Hotel Administration invites researchers, practitioners, policy makers, industry experts and members of professional bodies to contribute to the theme and develop shared critical understandings of the concerns addressed on Hotel Administration with the innovative strategies in finding practical solutions to ever-evolving challenges in the hotel industry and learn from international best practices. The International Conference on Hotel Administration 2018 will feature distinguished keynote speakers, plenary speeches and research poster presentations. We invite applicants to submit abstracts, with the opportunity to participate virtually or to present a poster available. The conference will feature the following tracks, these themes may be interpreted broadly, combined or extended:

Day 1 – “Practical Tips” Sessions on Hotel Administration


1.1. Innovation in Hotel Administration – Industry Leader’s Panel

  • Moderated by the Conference Chair

1.2. Rooms Division Management

  • Guest services
  • Revenue management
  • Property management systems
  • Digital engagement and enhancing customer experience
  • Customer relationship management
  • Front office operation
  • Concierge services
  • Housekeeping operations
  • Laundry operations
  • Mini bar services

1.3. Food and Beverage Management

  • Restaurant management
  • Bar operations
  • Banqueting and catering operations
  • Outside catering
  • Night club operations and entertainment
  • Room service operations
  • Menu engineering
  • Kitchen operations
  • Kitchen stewarding

1.4. Other Key Functions

  • Financial management
  • Hotel accounting and auditing
  • Purchasing and store keeping
  • Food and beverage controls
  • Engineering and maintenance services
  • Hotel security
  • Health and safety
  • IT and data management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Artificial / machine intelligence
  • Now you can submit your research paper at abstract@hotelconference.co

Before submitting your abstract please follow the abstract submission Guidelines (Link). If you wish to be a presenter at the International Conference on Hotel Administration (ICOHA 2018), Register.

Day 2 – Technical Sessions on Hospitality & Tourism


2.1. Quality Assurance in Hospitality

  • Defining quality in Hospitality
  • Luxury accommodation experience
  • Quality assurance in hotel rooms division operations
  • Quality assurance in food and beverage operations
  • Benchmarking hotel service quality

2.2. Innovative Practices in Hospitality

  • Best results from third party booking sites
  • Best results from third party review sites
  • Opportunities to collaborate with leaders of the sharing economy
  • Hotel systems and procedures through franchising and management contracts
  • Hotel and resort development
  • Resort operations
  • Casino operations
  • Boutique hotel management
  • All-inclusive resort management

2.3. Human Resource Management in Hospitality & Tourism

  • Improving service quality through effective recruitment and training strategies
  • Improving language skills of hospitality employees to enhance customer service
  • Making career opportunities in the hospitality industry attractive
  • Empowerment to improve team spirit and motivation
  • Train the trainer programs
  • Training and development
  • Career development and management development
  • Youth in tourism
  • Female employees in tourism

2.4. Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

  • Market segmentation
  • Marketing research
  • Tourist / consumer behavior
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Marketing planning
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotions
  • Hospitality sales
  • Tourism e-marketing
  • Green marketing
  • Strategies to increase repeat tourist arrivals
  • Managing tourist destination networks through public relations
  • Dealing with negative publicity
  • Destination branding through the internet